The Ministry of MCF

“Let not the Military Christian Fellowship (MCF) forget God and the lessons of history. God has called many men and women of faith and zeal to serve in the MCF. We must not forget their contributions. Most importantly we must give thanks to God for his infallible Word. The Holy Bible alone is the foundation of our faith and therefore upon the truth of Scripture was both the Church and the MCF built. We must never tire in doing the Lord’s Business.

(Excerpt from Dr Patrick’s speech during MCF’s 25th Anniversary in 1995)

The ministry of MCF Singapore was inaugurated in 1970 with the aim of providing Christian witness to service personnel in the SAF. Over time, the ministry of MCF was extended to detainees in the SAF Detention Barracks. MINDEF civilian staff, and families of MCF volunteers and their friends. MCF’s Ministry primarily revolves around fellowship with Christian service personnel, emphasizing spiritual growth through prayer, discipleship and worship. All leaders of MCF are expected to be service-oriented just as Christ was when he was on earth. This is inspired by God’s word as contained in Matthew 20:27 (KJV)

“Whosoever will be Chief among you, let him be your servant.”

Hospitality is another aspect of MCF’s ministry in which we place great importance. We receive foreign visitors, both civilians and military personnel who stop by Singapore. These are golden opportunities for us to extend hospitality and show God’s love to fellow overseas brethren-in-Christ.