Global Network of AMCF

MCF Singapore is part of the Association of Christian Military Fellowships (AMCF), which is a global community of military Christian fellowships (MCFs), and individual military and civilian Christians, in over 150 nations. AMCF members encourage and inspire each other in their spiritual growth and service to their nations. With Galatians 3:28 as the motto – “All one in Christ Jesus” – AMCF interacts with military believers from all Christian traditions and denominations. AMCF is not aligned with any one nation, and nonpolitical. AMCF simply desires to live our lives in accordance with God’s will, following His path as shown by the life of Jesus Christ, while also serving in our nations’ armed forces. AMCF’s three principal supporting organizations – Association for Christian Conferences Teaching and Service (ACCTS), Military Ministries International (MMI), Mission Support Organization (MSO) – play key roles in the growth and development of MCFs worldwide. 2020 marks the 90th anniversary of the AMCF.