Military Christian Fellowship Singapore

The Military Christian Fellowship of Singapore exists to promote and strengthen Christian faith and fellowship among Christians in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

The Military Christian Fellowship (MCF) Singapore was established to minister to the Lord’s people in the SAF. Over the years, our activities have expanded to include counseling in Detention Barrack, and working with churches to conduct Pre-NS Talks. We also conduct annual activities, like the Thanksgiving and Prayer Dinner, bringing together soldiers in faith to thank God for his protection and blessing to the SAF operations, training and development.

Call to Action

The MCF is a self-funding organisation depending on offerings and love contributions from churches and individuals who share God’s plan for the SAF. The Lord has graciously sustained us financially over the years through regular love offering. There are also many exciting developments in terms of our partnerships with various para-church organisations to multiply the effectiveness of our ministry efforts. We hope you will share with us God’s vision and assist us financially so that we can support soldiers in faith in the SAF. May you be richly blessed through your support to the ministry of the MCF.