A Tribute to MCF Founder, Rev Dr LTC (Retd) Patrick Tan
Jesus is our Redeemer. And He provided us with a God-fearing man in Dr Patrick Tan in pioneering the MCF we know today. Dr Tan served with the medical arm when he was in the SAF. In my initial years in the SAF, I was challenged by some questions regarding Christian ethics in the military. I was blessed to be able to meet up with Dr Tan and he mentored me in that area and set me on the path to be a good Christian and a loyal officer in the SAF. The next time I met him was in the USA. We had a great time, and we sang the song “Thanks to God for my Redeemer” (acapella style). He was there for my engagement to my wife Victoria and officiated our marriage in a military wedding in 1980. We were also on an overseas exercise together in 1987, where we were able to even conduct a Holy Communion in the field! After Dr left the SAF, he went on missions to Africa and Australia. I was privileged to meet him in Australia and saw his daughter and grandchildren there. The last instance was when he was on his death bed. We thank God for the opportunity to see him just before he was promoted to glory. It was tough for me, but Victoria and I sang him “Thanks to God for my Redeemer” and we also prayed for him and his wife, Anne. Truly, Dr Tan has fought a good fight and run a good race (2 Tim 4:7). I thank God for bringing Dr Tan to meet me and mentor me at those critical moments of my life.  Praise be to God for all His goodness. I pray you will also be able to taste and see that the Lord is good, blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him (Psalm 34:8).

COL (Retd) Tan Hang Kee July 2021